Feed the Future Nigeria Integrated Agriculture Activity


The goal of the project is to improve food security, increase agricultural incomes, and improve resilience among smallholder farmers and their families in Adamawa and Borno states

To achieve this goal the project will focus upon three objectives:

  1. Increased availability and timely access to quality agricultural inputs, and improved capacity of public and private extension providers to provide effective agricultural extension and advisory services to smallholder farmers.
  2. Strengthened market linkages along agricultural value chains resulting in increased income among farmers and improved nutrition status of households among consumers.
  3. Increased engagement among youth, women and the most vulnerable in agriculture and commercial agribusiness.

Expected outcomes

  • At least three improved legume and four improved cereal crop varieties will be disseminated through extension services to at least 40,000 farm households in 17 LGAs.
  • A minimum of five tons of breeder seed of improved legume and cereal crop varieties will be provided to seed companies to produce foundation seed while at least 60 tons of foundation seed will be released to 1,000 or more farmers for community-based seed production.
  • At least 100 agro-input dealers per state will receive training to provide local advisory services to at least 40,000 smallholder farmers, and at least 10,000 smallholder farmers per state will have improved access to timely, affordable, high quality inputs.
  • At least 5,000 individuals (including women and youth) will have increased access of financial services.
  • At least 5,000 vulnerable households will consume more nutritious foods and enjoy improved diets.
  • At least 5,000 individuals, mostly women and youth, will adopt new income generating opportunities such as mechanization, agroprocessing, and agricultural service provision, including a minimum of 200 women and youth trained and registered as farm machinery operators and mechanics.
  • A minimum of 500 producer groups will have increased access to financial institutions for credit and new savings.




Dixon, Alfred

Project duration

Start: 09 July 2019
End: 18 July 2021

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